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Although Google Trends shows obvious growth in online wedding websites, one of the least likely candidates for digital, paperless sending of invitations would be for one’s wedding. Honoring tradition, and often the most important and formal event of one’s life with a tangible invitation, holds fast and true despite today’s onslaught and ease of technology. The Lizzie Post states, “according to etiquette, paperless invites for weddings are not appropriate.” One of the reasons for this is that print invitations are often kept as keepsakes. When you consider this time laden tradition, most couples also consider the inclusion of older family and guests, some of whom wouldn’t know how to open a digital invitation, let alone RSVP to one.  Unlike sending digital Save-the Dates, which can be a fun and creative way to share the good news of newly engaged couples, the actual Wedding Invitation itself should be handheld. It gets everyone excited about your big day!

With the exceptions of a rapid-fire wedding where there is no time for mailing out and RSVP’s (in which case a formal phone call (not facebook!) would be correct etiquette), and an extreme environmental pair whose lifestyle and deep convictions wouldn’t dream of adding a pinky toe to the global carbon footprint, formally mailed Traditional Paper invitations celebrate the purposefulness of this life event. It shows that you care.

Many guests are incurring expenses for travel, accommodations, appropriate attire and wedding gifts – receiving an e-vite just isn’t the same to show the importance of the event, and could very well get lost in someone’s inbox.  Finally, creating your traditional paper invitations is fun! You can introduce your guests to the theme of your wedding, and send a keepsake full of your personality and style for them to remember always!

Keep in mind it is perfectly acceptable to “marry” traditional and contemporary by providing an online RSVP forum and Guest Management System allowing guests to make menu selections etc. for the ceremony and festivities.  With that said, your guests will feel important and have something for their keepsake treasures when you take the care and time to snail mail personal invitations to family and friends. Let our team here at Graphics Direct collaborate with you in creating memorable and personalized traditional invitations for your momentous ceremony.